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Incomplete search results

Feb 29, 2008 at 2:02 PM
Hi all,

For some reason, and I hope I'm not missing anything silly here, but the number of search facets doesn't represent the entire set of search results. For instance, if a search yields 37 results, then the facets break down as:

Some Author (30)

Content Source
Local Office SharePo... (30)

Content Type
text/html; charset=u... (28)
Word (2)

Clearly there are 7 search results missing, including different content types e.g. word documents, which I can clearly see in the results, I'm using the out-of-the-box web part here with no customisation.

Can anybody please shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance,

Feb 29, 2008 at 4:25 PM
I've just checked the previous postings on this issue where the advice is:

In the SearchFacets.cs file, GetWHERE method, change the

where.Add(" CONTAINS(\"" + propName + "\", '\"" + propValue + "\"') ");

statement to

where.Add(" \"" + propName + "\" LIKE '" + propValue + "' ");

This is a little crazy no? Surely there should be complete consistency between the result numbers returned by the facets and those returned by the core search results? At present, I can see in some of my searches that there are no Word documents, yet I can see at least 4 word documents within the first 10 results in core search. I don't think it should really matter that the core search results web part isn't open source because surely one of us could perform a search whilst using SQL trace at the same time? That way it should be quite plain to see, providing it's a stored proc or plain SQL, how FTS is actually working? I might be being a little silly here, but this doesn't seem like a big issue.