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Leveraging Faceted Search in Silverlight/WCF Service architecture

Jun 15, 2009 at 5:41 PM


I'm am working on an application architecture for a global app that will leverage Silverlight 3, custom RIA Services/WCF services with multiple back-end search data sources using MS Search 2008 (SharePoint doc libs, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, Notes Databases, etc.).  We already have a custom MS-Search crawler written for the Oracle database for an existing full-text search.  We are proposing a faceted search system that has a SL3 front-end application and interacts with our custom web services.  Eventually this application may go into Azure.  While I haven't delved too deeply into your solution, it looks very robust and I'd like to leverage it to build a faceted search system based upon MS-Search Server 2008.

I would replace your web parts with a SL3 front-end interacting with my web service.  From my web service, I had intended to communicate solely to MS-Search Server's web services but apparently this won't handle the facets and their configuration.  Where are you storing the facet configuration?  It looks to be in a Caching database in SQL Server.  If so, it looks like my custom WCF web service will need to interact with the caching database and then hit the MS-Search services to send queries/get results.  Does this sound like a valid approach?

Also in the architecture is the new distributed caching system from Microsoft (Velocity) and I'll be placing this caching layer between the custom web services layer and the DALs / MS platform servers (MS-Search, WSS, etc.).



Jun 16, 2009 at 4:18 AM

The user-facing configuration settings are stored in web part properties. Caching database only stores resultsets for drill-downs.