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Problems with results?

Nov 30, 2009 at 12:19 PM


I installed the latest version on a stand alone server. I created a search results page and set the results page of it's search box to itself. I then ran a query for my surname on our test site. I get just over 100 results.

I click on 1 Aug 2009 in the facets shown in Modified section of the facet list on the left and the filtered results appear. At the top of the faceted list it says Processed 38 results. At the top of the center column it says Results 1-10 of 37. In the faceted list it shows a total of 37 under Author, 38 under modified, 38 under Language, 37 under Content Type etc. Is this a bug? or is it cleverer than me?


Also on the same page in the Center column it shows the bounds of the filter as >> 01/08/2009 followed on the next line with << 01/09/2009. Each has an icon to the right for removing the filter. When we click on that icon we are taken to the web part error page. This applies to any filter that we create by clicking on a selection from the faceted list. Is this a bug?



Nov 30, 2009 at 1:58 PM

The 2nd seems a bug. Please provide replication steps.

The 1st should be fine. Please page search results to the last page and see what's the counter is.